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Stefanie was born in Neuquén, Argentina in 1982. She studied Director of Photography in Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires.  


After she graduated in 2006, she continued studying and training in photography in Argentina and Europe.   


She worked as an assistant with Marcos Lopez for about one year and half.  

She started her own photo studio called Espacio Amadeus in Neuquén in 2012. Currently she gives courses in her studio and teaches at different levels, focusing on photography as a language and a way of self expression.

She managed to have an intellectual certification of her courses through an academic project she set up.   

Her work has been changing over the years. She started doing editorial productions in and outside her studio until she discovered that the photo essay was an essential part in her career in photography.   

“I believe photography has been a bridge that connects the personal story with my reality always in motion. It has allowed me to get the sincere and critical part of me closer to visual experience”.


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