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Higher Education

2001 - 2006: Direction of Photography (Lighting and Camera)  

University of Cinema / Manuel Antin  -


Courses and Workshops

2020- 2022 official selection of artists from Latin America MUFF CAMINOS CONJUNTOS - International Photography Festival.

2022 "Heimat, una ubicación intima" photobook published. La Luminosa publisher.

2022 Portfolio review FOTOFEMINAS, on the educative platform for women photographers of Latin America.

2020 Seminar:Talking about Art and Concepts; with Ticio Escobar. El Granel. Paraguay.

2020 Workshop; Family album, memory and identity dictated by Mariela Sancari. Méx.

2020 Course Culture, Art, and Gender; organized by FLACSO and MNBA. Arg.

2020 Montevideo Photography Center, Call for Joint Paths of MUFF - BECOMING IMAGES official selection for monitoring personal project.


2019 Workshop "The Paradox of Art, Image and Concept" by Ticio Escobar. Jaguar Visual Arts Program. Jujuy - Quebrada de Humahuaca.

2018 Festival de la Luz "Public Encounter" (Encuentros Abiertos)  with Evgeny Berezner, Irina Chmyreva, Frazier King, Eder Chiodetto. Bs As Argentine 


2017 International Artist Residency Program in Berlin - Germany - SomoS Art House.


2017  Workshop FineArt laboratory printing "Print on your own" - Berlín, Germany.

2017 Work Clinic with Alessandra Sanguinetti y Ananké Asseff

Fundación ArteXArte - Buenos Aires

2016: Scholarship Salto Luz - Work analysis and clinic

Rodrigo Alonso, Raúl Flores, Walter Barrios -Mar del Plata


2016: Open Meetings / Festival of Light

Buenos Aires

2016: Workshop by Ricky Dávila - "Photography as a Personal Project" 

Lens School of Visual Arts - Madrid


2016: Photobook seminar with Martin Parr

MACBA - Barcelona 


2016: Personalized tutorials by Philipp Klak, Sophia Greiff, and Robert Puppeter

Fotodok Documentary Photography Festival - Munich Germany 


2015 - 2017: Work Clinic with Lena Szankay.

2015: Open Meetings 



2015: Workshop by Marian Wilhelm - “Photo Essay” 

Calumet Photo - Munich 


2015: Workshop by Katherin Wermke – “Portrait styles. Lighting and theoretical foundations", Barcelona


2014: Seminar by Alejandro Montes de Oca – “The Limits of Photography” 

IUPA - Gral. Roca


2014: Workshop by Jose Maria Mellado - "High-quality photography. MODULES LIGHTROOM 5 Cs6 IMAGE PROCESSING.”, Buenos Aires


2013: Photographic Language Seminar by Marcos Lopez 

IUPA - Gral. Roca


2013: Intensive Course “Experts in flash” 

Aula Imaginat – School Photography  - Madrid 


2012: Workshop “Technical Lightning” 

Aula Imaginat – School Photography  - Madrid


2012: Workshop "Product Photography"          

Molinaripixel - Buenos Aires


2010: Course online - “Lighting”



2009: Workshop – “Photoshop to maximum advantage” 



2006/2007: Internship in film camera

AJAF - Buenos Aires 


2006: Specialization in colorimetry: COLOR SEMINAR Salvador Melita 

Universidad del Cine – Buenos Aires


2005: Seminar “HD Operator and Camera Wizard”

”Mountain"  - Buenos Aires


2005: Seminar by Inés Cullen – “Cinecolor laboratory” 

Cinecolor Buenos Aires


2004- 2005: Kodak; Bafici (resolution Vision2 film 250D - Vision2 50D) 

Independent Film Festival - Buenos Aires. 

2004: Seminar by Michell Chion – “Sound and Sonomontaje” 

UBA – Buenos Aires


Artist Residence Program

2017 Artist Residence MANTA -  as Guest Artist

2017: Official selection -   Artist Residence Program SomoS | Berlín Sept-Nov.

2017: Artist Residence - Curator Romina Resuche, Buenos Aires - Tigre.

2018  International Artist Residence Program  "Self-directed" MEXICO. Oaxaca

Individual & group exhibitions

2023 Collective exposition - Photographs and sculptures "Quién dijo que debíamos entender"  - Museo del Ojo - Art Gallery - Córdoba Capital, Argentine.

2022 Collective exposition MUFF- CAMINOS CONJUNTOS during the Festival Internacional de Fotografía, Photography Centre of Montevideo, Uruguay.

2018 Individual Exhibition - Festival de La luz International - Present "Projekt Heimat, eine intime Verortung" (Project Home, an intime location) in  Goethe Schule, BsAs. Argentine.

2017 Project Heimat, eine intime Verortung - Individual exhibition in Berlín - Germany,

2017 Official selection Ayerza Prize -Centro Cultural Borges- Buenos Aires . Argentine.

2017 Individual Exhibition, "Patience" - House of Cultures - Neuquén - Patagonia Argentine.

2017: Two-acts story - Curator Lena Szankay -  PYXZ, Buenos Aires.

2016: Scholarship Salto de Luz - Group Exhibition in Villa Victoria Ocampo Museum - Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires.

2016: Nano Photography Festival, called  "Father" Group Exhibition Buenos Aires.

2016: 1000Trees (1000Árboles), Group Exhibition  - Buenos Aires.

2013: Individual Exhibition  "WINE NIGHT", Neuquén Argentine.

2012: Individual Exhibition Photo Editorial - Cinco Saltos Argentine.

2011: CFI  "Simply Photos"  Group Exhibition-  Buenos Aires.


- English: intermediate level

- German: A2 level.

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